Why to adopt Seva?

Incredible increase in wealth, get desired things done, Hike in profession, whatever matter disturbs you, can be solved. Feels the difference quickly after wearing elass and adopting Seva.

How to adopt Seva:

Elass - 1001 /-
Usage : Chant manthra 41 times 41 days after wearing Elass

Thakid -1001 /-
Usage : Keep Thakid in front of lamp and lighten lamp everyday.

Idol - 5001 /-

In the morning, Avil, Malar, Rice ball, One glass Toddy in the evening, one Cock in a month, one male goat in a year. Manthra and Japamala will be send on request.

1. Avoid eating Beef
2. No restriction to lead marriage life, alcohol consumption or eating meat. 3. Irrespective of gender, anyone can adopt Seva
4. One can know the increasing power while chanting manthra regularly

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